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Roofing Company in Blaine

Mar 11

Located right at the heart of Blaine, MN, a Roofing Company in Blaine offers homeowners and businesses a chance to get the latest modern roofing designs and installation services. Established in 1999, the company provides various services, including residential and commercial roof installation, repairs, and more. With nearly twenty years of experience and a passion for client satisfaction, Roofing Company in Blaine continually strives to offer quality service and support.

Roofing Company in Blaine Experience

A team of dedicated and experienced roofing professionals makes up the staff at Roofing Contractor Blaine. The company hires only experienced salespeople, estimators, skilled installers, and project managers. This allows them to provide exceptional results with all projects.

Services and Materials

Blaine Roofing Company also supplies materials, such as r-residential grade shingles and flashings, to clients in the area. The structure of ice, water shield, and other roofing products is also available. A complete line of vibration-proof roofing products ensures all roofing jobs are completed according to the highest industry standards. In addition, the roofers possess all legal qualifications, including trade certification, to ensure that all installations are done correctly and comply with local building codes.

Roof Maintenance and Repair

The team at Blaine Roofing Company can provide various roof maintenance and repair services. From the essential maintenance of a current roof to repairs of any kind, the team can offer a comprehensive plan for the client to extend the roof's life. The team also includes inspection for small and large residential roofs, ensuring that the roof is in top shape and preparing for the following year's weather.

Additional Services

In addition to roof installation and repair, Roofing Company in Blaine can provide additional services, such as gutter services and installation, in addition to roof installation and repair. Insect control, pressure washing, and siding repair and replacement can also be provided to clients in the area. Roofing Company in Blaine offers a one-stop shop for all these services, allowing for a full range of improvement and repair options for any home or commercial property.


For nearly two decades, Roofer in Blaine has provided quality roofing services and materials to clients in the area. With a team of experienced staff and a wide range of services, the company offers a comprehensive list of services and materials for clients' installation, repair, or maintenance needs. Whether you are a residential or commercial client, Roofing Company in Blaine provides prompt, reliable, and excellent service for all your needs.


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