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Mar 7

When, Why, and How Should a Professional Roof Inspection Be Scheduled?

When you're a homeowner, you understand the importance of maintaining your property, which includes keeping up with the roof. Periodic roof inspections can save you money on expensive repairs caused by minor damage, but how do you know when to schedule one (and how do you conduct it)?

This article explains when, why, and how to arrange a professional roofer Las Cruces.

When Should a Professional Roof Inspection Be Scheduled?

If you see any damage to your roof or are suffering leaks inside your house, don't hesitate to contact a roofing professional. Your roof is your home's first line of protection against storms and other weather events, and if it's damaged, the rest of your house is in jeopardy as well.

You should get your roof examined once a year under typical circumstances, such as when there haven't been any significant hail storms, high winds, or other weather events, and when everything at home is running well. If you're not having any difficulties with it, you can even inspect it yourself.

However, there are a few major warning signals that indicate you should contact a roofing professional right now.

Red Flags That You Should Get a Roof Inspection Right Away

If you observe any of the following problems, you should get your roof inspected straight away:

The roof deck is sagging. Although many roofs have varying degrees of pitch, all of the lines should be relatively straight. If any lines appear to be drooping, this might suggest a serious condition that has to be addressed right soon.
Algae development. Algae development alone isn't an indicator that your roof needs to be repaired, but it does indicate that moisture is present. This usually appears as black blotches or streaks.
Shingles that have been damaged. Repairing missing shingles, cracking shingles, curling shingles at the corners and edges, or shingles that seem "bald" due to missing granules might save you a lot of money. You should hire a professional roof inspector to determine the extent of the damage.
Inside your home, there are leaks. If your roof is leaking, you should have a professional come out and inspect the situation before it worsens.
The attic's light shines through. Pests, water, and other undesirables may all come in if light can get in. To make repairs, you'll need to contact a roofing professional as soon as feasible.
Your gutters are full of shingle particles. Your roof's quality is deteriorating if you find shingle particles in your gutters. Those granules are designed to defend your home from the elements, and if they're breaking free from your shingles, the shingles won't be able to do their job.

How to Get a Free Roof Inspection From Las Cruces' Best Roofing Companies

Please contact us if you require a free roof examination. We'll visit your house at a time that's convenient for you and inspect the condition of your roof. If your roof requires repairs, our specialists would be pleased to answer all of your concerns and offer you a free estimate.


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