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Why Tiles?

Dec 17

Why Tiles?

Beautiful and Enduring

This is why durable and distinctive tile is the preferred roofing material. The tile's natural aesthetics were highly valued over thousands of years and they are still in high demand today. Tile can be used for many years without losing its color, which is unlike asphalt shingles and wood shakes.


Tile is much more than just beautiful tiles. Tile roofs have a long life span that lasts for decades and is highly resistant to wind, rain, frost, fire, wind, and insect damage. A tile roof can last a lifetime if it is properly installed.


Tile is the most versatile roof material. Clay and concrete are versatile enough to be transformed into wood shakes, chipped rock, and slate-style slate. There's a match for any architectural style.

Energy Efficient

Tile roofs can be found in nearly every climate and area. They have excellent thermal properties, which reduce heat loss. Natural air ventilation under tiles can create a heat transfer barrier, which can be used as a cooling or heating system. It can also help lower energy costs by as high as 20%.


Tile is made using raw materials, which don't deplete scarce natural resources. Tile roofing uses no preservatives. Instead of being landfilled, waste can be recycled into the manufacturing process.

Solid Investment

When the cost per month of using a tile roof is taken into consideration, it offers unparalleled value. Customers who choose a clay roof or concrete tile roof will experience the benefits of quality, durability, and energy efficiency over time.


Benefits and Characteristics of Tile Roofing


Color Variety
Concrete and clay tiles come in a wide range of colors.
 Styles and Profiles
Roof tiles can be matched to any architectural style, whether it is colonial or contemporary. You can have tiles that are flat or round, replicate wood shakes, or re-create centuries-old roofing materials.
 Increased Value
The appraisal credit is more valuable and houses sell faster.


Tile roofs offer the lowest life cycle cost of any roofing material. The durability of tile roofs, which have been around for centuries, is still evident today.
 Fire resistance is both a product and as a whole system, tiles can withstand fire up to Class A.
 High Wind resistance has been proven that clay and concrete tile roofing can withstand winds speeds of up to 150 mph.
 Hail Resistance
Concrete and clay tiles can resist hailstones bigger than a golf ball.
 Tested with Seismic
When tiles are attached to the required fastening, tile roofs surpass current seismic loads requirements for building materials.

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